DoubleBack – This Week in TFP – 9/5/11 – 9/11/11

Did you read every last word I wrote this past week?

What?   You didn’t?

That’s hurtful, goddammit!

I bet you didn’t miss Top Chef!   Seriously, is that good?   What is it, a bunch of cooks hanging around with their Ginzus?   No offense, but watching people cook doesn’t interest me when I’m IN a restaurant.

If the maître d’ came over during dinner and offered to let me watch the chef prepare my meal, I am 100% certain I would tell him that I’d rather stare at my date’s cleavage.   “Ooh, now he’s doing the garnish!”   Who cares?

Stuff you missed…

2 thoughts on “DoubleBack – This Week in TFP – 9/5/11 – 9/11/11”

  1. Betty says:

    Call me wind because I am abtelusoly blown away.

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