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My family has been to Sedona a handful of times while vacationing in Arizona. Since it seemed like the thing to do, we went to a psychic there years ago.

Whether you believe in psychic phenomena or think it’s bullshit (it probably is), the clairvoyant told me that I should pursue a career in comedy. And it’s not like I was firing your-momma jokes during the session to tip him off. I guess he could smell it on me. Or maybe that was just burning sage. Who knows?

This message to pursue humor has been repeated by others my whole life. And yet, I’ve chosen to ignore it. Smart.

ThoughtsFromParis is my attempt to stay creative, humorous, and expressive while maintaining a normal life with a job, mortgage, two pets, and navigating through post-divorce relationships.

I promise to keep the exaggerating and hyperbole to a minimum and simply report the truth, as I perceive it in my giant head.



2 thoughts on “About TFP”

  1. Bleu Pills says:

    Simply: I love your site, it’s awesome. I especially love the artwork in your header. Did you design it?


  2. Linda Whidby says:

    No, no, no, don’t keep the exaggeration and hyperbole to a minimum – that’s part of your gift! Thanks for inviting me to your site! Peace.

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