oSex With Karen and D.J. – Episode One

The first episode of oSex with Karen and D.J. is live! oSex is a videocast where we Karen and I answer your relationship and sex questions. The “O” stands for “opposite”! Get it? There’s two of us, right? And one of us is a lady? (it’s not me)

I’m very proud of this show and hope you enjoy it. In the first episode we tackle…

  • Low sex drive in husbands
  • First date kissing
  • Dreaming about exes
  • Can men and women be friends after a relationship?
  • Karen’s dating don’t – wearing sweatpants to dinner (yes, this happened)

If you’d like to be on our show (either anonymously or by name) please complete the form below with your relationship or sex question and we’ll help you!