Vote Kim Kardashian for President in 2036

kim kardashian

I almost met Paris Hilton once. About fifteen years ago I was working as a marketer for a beer company. I toured around the country working with local distributors to set up and run events. I can’t remember exactly where …

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100k Twitter Followers and Caffeine Addiction

caffeine addiction

I crossed over 100k followers today. Yes, it’s a not-so-subtle brag. But, screw it.  I’m taking a victory lap. The victory lap equates to a night of eating pizza until passout. Before the carbs and fat sink my consciousness …

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I Just Turned 37

I turned thirty-seven yesterday. Here’s a few thoughts I had on the bike ride home from work, reflecting on my life… I found a great expression to get you out of most any trouble. This is especially useful at work. …

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